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Cropped ICLD Logo with Tagline
Cropped ICLD Logo with Tagline

Igniting Healing Workshop

The goal of the Igniting Healing Workshop is provide participants and communities with the opportunity to develop healthy coping mechanisms and the short and long-term ability to process grief and trauma.

Spotlight: Key To Employment: Security Guard Training

Key to Employment - Security Guards

ICLD is currently running a 17 weeks long training program to help people obtain the skills to work as security guards. The program features many elements needed to overcome barriers to success, for example; drivers license training, grief and loss recovery workshop, essential skills training, occupational certifications, and much more. The cohort has 13 people […]

The Owl

People Smiling on Webcam

Amanda & Marissa explain the significance of the owl in certain communities/nations and introduce us to our social media expert ‘Books’.

RISE Program

People Talking on Couch

ROOTS OF INDIGENOUS STRENGTH AND ENTREPRENEURSHIPICLD’s short-doc showing the effects of the RISE program on local communities and its inhabitants’ lives.