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Cultural Awareness

In Canada, there are over 630 distinct Indigenous Communities with rich, diverse cultures and strict protocols. New working relationships are forming between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and communities. Indigenous Community for Leadership & Development (ICLD) offers an introductory course
to the history of Canada since colonization, why there has been distrust, and what a good working relationship looks like in the 21st century.

This one-day program features customization of content to meet your organization’s needs, flexible scheduling, and on-site training. Our trainers will travel to your site!

Indigenous Culturally Aware Organizations are knowledgeable about Indigenous history, inspired to learn more, and are respectful of the traditional protocol of the regional and national Indigenous community.

We will support you in achieving cultural awareness by understanding:

  • Indigenous History and Context
  • Indian Act
  • UNDRIP and reconciliation
  • Indigenous Protocol
  • How to form lasting relationships

One of the most straightforward steps any organization can take towards reconciliation is providing cultural awareness training to its teams.

  • Explain the importance of acknowledging the traditional territory of the original people
  • The whole story was kept secret; it was intentional; what can we do now?
  • How to be a good Ally and start creating relationships with local Indigenous Communities
  • Understand how to provide a culturally safe workplace
Cultural Awareness Program

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