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Cropped ICLD Logo with Tagline

Community Capacity Audit

Chief & Council - Community Capacity Audit

Develop your communities training and employment plan with data generated directly from your members and staff. A detailed report about the education, skills, employment needs, and future needs of your community will help you plan programs and services more effectively.

Community Tourism Planning

Chief & Council - Community Tourism Planning

Indigenous Tourism has a major potential for developing economic capacity in a community. How do you know what is the right way to move forward and where the skills and desires of your community lie.

Election Code Review

Chief & Council - Election Code Review

As Nations chose to develop custom election codes, it can be beneficial to have an external body cast an impartial eye over the review process can help avoid internal conflicts.

Policy Review & Development

Chief & Council - Policy Review & Development

Organizations rely on good internal policies to run smoothly and effectively, while also maintaining good relations between workers. Having an external body cast an impartial eye over the review process can help avoid internal conflicts.

Strategic Planning

Chief & Council - Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is a critically important process for a community’s growth. How do you avoid shelving plans and instead implement the recommendations.

Leadership Training

Leadership Training Image

Support leadership growth for Chief and Council, enabling community members to explore leadership roles.

Negotiating Workshop

Chief & Council - Negotiating Workshop

An essential workshop for leaders and decision-makers in the community to ensure that deals are made with a full understanding of the benefits for all. Negotiating is the process of communicating back and forth, for the purpose of reaching a joint agreement about differing needs or ideas. This workshop will provide the skills necessary for […]