Indigenous Community for Leadership & Development

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Leadership Development

Chief & Council - Leadership Development

This customized  program will enable you to strengthen your leadership skills and successfully guide your community to achieve its desired growth and potential. Governance responsibilities. You can choose from and of the following units and build a workshop that fully meets your needs.


Chief & Council - Governance

Indigenous political systems are complex structures of governance. They are designed to fit with the realities of a Nations territory and to provide opportunities to make, interpret and enforce ‘laws’ in a manner that is consensual and inclusive. In constructing political systems, each Nation has a unique and complex system of governance. Governance is the […]

Financial Management For Leadership

Chief & Council - Financial Management For Leadership

The Financial Management for Leadership will give participants a solid foundation in how to develop program budgets and how to keep programs on budget and ensure that decisions are being made appropriately, and in the best interest of the organization.