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Indigenous Community for Leadership & Development

Many Indigenous Communities youth struggle in finding meaningful employment. There have been many barriers identified that have caused the young people to give up. Our Youth Career Surfing Workshop creates an environment that engages the youth by exploring the many career choices from general labour jobs to a future working with technology, the environment, and tourism to name a few. This workshop will provide a strong start for youth (15 to 30 years of age) moving from school to employment or further education.

This Program Focuses On

  • Trauma and the impact it can have on people’s lives
  • Impacts of colonization, intergenerational trauma, and present systems on Indigenous People
  • Trauma: Awareness of the effects triggers have on verbal and non-verbal communication; self, and others
  • Organizational activities that foster the development of a trauma-informed workforce
  • Addressing ethical considerations
  • Providing trauma-informed support

This is a wholistic program aimed at supporting Indigenous Youth, including those Aging Out of Care with their transition to life out of care.

  • Learn core skills in goal, career planning & workplace essentials
  • Learn to advance their personal development skills leading to excellence in customer care skills employer’s desire
  • Resume building, interview skills development 
  • Career Coaching
  • Budgeting
  • Home and Health Care

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