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Igniting Healing

While there is a diversity of types of Grief that participants experience in life, what to do with it and how to process it has become even more elusive and may culminate confusion and uncertainty.

The Igniting Healing Workshop allows for participants to work through an action-oriented sequence of activities that guide participants through critical spaces of their Grief toward health and harmony. Multiple mediums and modes of expression are encouraged and cultivated to honor all learning styles. 

For communities – All aspects of workshopping can be customized to fit the needs of each diverse community, family/clan, individual. Location of workshopping is at the discretion of each distinct community.

ICLD’s Igniting Healing consists of the Following:

  1. Welcome, Group Safety
  2. Grief-Definitions, Misconceptions
  3. Coping strategies-Past, present, Future
  4. Types of Loss
  5. Representation of Loss
  6. Representation of Relationship loss
  7. Recovery Articulations
  8. Ceremony

Services Available Include:

The Igniting Healing Program is a 5-day action-oriented process to help participants form a healthy relationship with the loss in their lives and build resiliency strategies for the future. 

  • Expand your understanding of what Grief is and Deepen your understanding of the Holistic Impact of Grief
  • Identify the losses in your life that are emotionally incomplete/stunted and the emotional and behavioral habits that are not serving your healing
  • Take action to emotionally complete your relationship with loss and Develop lifelong strategies to complete other losses in your life

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