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Cropped ICLD Logo with Tagline

Trauma-Informed Practices – General Staff

Trauma-Informed Practices

ICLD’s 5-day Trauma Informed Practice (TIP) Course will focus on key verbal and non-verbal skills required to work with clients who may be recently traumatized or dealing with the effects of Inter-generational trauma. This unique course teaches Trauma-Informed Practices and puts them into immediate use with interactive exercises using different scenarios that a worker may […]

Computer Skills

Staff Development - Computer Skills

Take your teams skill with computers to the next level. This course meets people where they’re at and uses real working examples to improve their skills with MS Windows, MS Office, and the internet.

Office Administrative Skills

Office Administration Image

Strengthen teams with clear communication, adaptive problem-solving, and efficient time management skills. Boost confidence in business ethics and Microsoft Office essentials.

High-Performing Teams

High-Performing Teams Image

This highly interactive course has been developed by ICLD to provide personal and professional development to staff, and managers. The course can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization in terms of delivery methods, class configurations, and timing.