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Cropped ICLD Logo with Tagline


ICLD is currently running a 17 weeks long training program to help people obtain the skills to work as security guards.

The program features many elements needed to overcome barriers to success, for example; drivers license training, grief and loss recovery workshop, essential skills training, occupational certifications, and much more.

The cohort has 13 people in the class, all wanting to start a career as a Security Guard. Here’s a couple of progress stories from two of the students:

Estin is the youngest person in the class and lives with his grand mother. When he started the class he was very shy and didn’t speak very much. Now three weeks in to the program he does most of the talking! Estin is very good at asking questions and is on point with his comments. Estin was especially happy to have participated in the Igniting Healing workshop which was the first week of the program, he said he felt lifted up from the work.

Gary is the oldest member of the class. He is seen as very wise and has naturally taken on a role of mentor to the other students. He is from Haida Gwaii and has a long history working in fisheries. Gary has lots of stories to tell the other students about his past work experiences which helps the class with understanding a good work ethic and the students regular go to Gary to seek advice. Gary really supports the class with the sharing circles, often leading the conversations and drawing on his great knowledge. 

We wish Estin, Gary and all the other students great success with the program and their future goals.

We’d like to thank the program support partners, without whose help this program would not have been possible: Nisga’a NESTWorkBC – TerraceSecuriguardUA Piping Industry College – Terrace.

Class in session

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