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Devin Owpaluk

Indigenous Relations Lead
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Devin Owpaluk, an Inuit Learning and Development Facilitator for ICLD, is dedicated to serving Indigenous communities in various capacities, exemplifying a strong commitment to community leadership, outreach, and inclusive education. Born in Montreal and growing up on Vancouver Island, he enjoys exploring the island trails, jazz, fitness, and spending time with his family. Devin Owpaluk holds a degree in Modern History, specializing in colonization, decolonization, and the origins of contemporary Indigenous issues. Through his academic background, he has developed a deep understanding of the historical dynamics that have influenced Indigenous communities as well as a sincere appreciation for Indigenous struggles and resilience.

Devin excels in creating impactful marketing materials and implementing communication strategies tailored to the unique needs and cultural context of Indigenous communities. Passionate about promoting cultural preservation, social justice, and equitable opportunities, Devin is committed to driving sustainable development and fostering self-determination by bridging gaps in education, economic empowerment, and land rights. Devin is committed to fostering inclusive education, community outreach, and cultural preservation. His work centers around driving sustainable development, bridging education gaps, and amplifying Indigenous voices.

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