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Laura Ross

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Indigenous Community for Leadership & Development (ICLD)

With a background that encompasses psychology, education, spiritual studies, and many different art forms, Laura believes in creative expression and has always enjoyed helping people break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in life.  With three children who were all born in different countries, she has moved around a lot and has developed a love of culture and a deep respect for diversity.  Born and raised in BC, Laura was very happy to return and raise her children here, and has enjoyed the opportunity presented by many of her friends to experience and learn more about Indigenous Culture and Traditions.

Since 1988, Laura has started thirteen businesses and loves the process of creation.  She enjoys
being able to support people to clarify their thoughts, align their goals, and reach for their dreams.  In addition to her current work, Laura is a Master Health and Wellness Coach, an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, a Sleep Science Coach and a Published Author. 

With more than 25 years experience as a facilitator and instructional designer, Laura brings passion and insights to her deliverables. She loves learning, and is always engaged in some form of study.  During her time with ICLD, Laura has instructed and/or coached hundreds of people, and feels enriched with each new relationship she makes.   She is grateful for the new experiences and the personal growth and development she has experienced at ICLD Group. 

Laura’s passions include communication, creating and maintaining strong foundations, educational processes, creating “aha” moments for self and others, enjoying laughter, rhythm and motion, and always … building for the future.

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