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Mandi Sohi-Sellers

Chief Executive Officer / President
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Mandi Sellers excels at building bridges and nurturing and repairing damaged relationships within and across Indigenous communities leveraging her strong communications, negotiations and inter-personal skills.

In her 18 years of supporting over 50 First Nations communities, Mandi has experienced the challenges and triumphs of communities working through building internal capacity that reflects their unique values and strengths.  Her understanding of diverse thinking approaches; and the impacts, experiences and triggers of grief enable her to successfully facilitate mutually productive dialogue and bridge divides.

Mandi has focused on strengthening and capacity building BC’s Indigenous communities working at all levels: Chief and Council, Tribal Councils and with multi-barrier to employment individuals.

Highly collaborative and innovative, Mandi has achieved corporate success through focusing on the success of others at the individual, community and organizational levels. There is tight integration between a community, its members and business with each supporting the other.

Through her facilitation, Mandi recognized the need for building capacities in understanding individual communication styles and problem solving preferences. Strong communications are based in an ability to quickly identify how each individual receives and processes information and as a consultant, be able to quickly re-frame communication to the receiver’s preference (Emergenetics) enabling clarity and effective receipt of information.  As a certified Emergenetics ™ consultant, Mandi uses this knowledge and skills to build bridges, facilitate beneficial dialogue and work with teams (Councils, Administrations) to build strong communication skills.

The scars of Residential school are prevalent and highly impactful to overall personal and community outcomes.  Intergenerational trauma and the accompanying grief often are the greatest barrier to achieving personal and community goals and objectives; and exacerbates societal perceptions of Indigenous persons.

As a certified Grief Recovery Method practitioner, Mandi is able to penetrate barriers of historical shame and loss to commence the healing process and achieve positive outcomes that may have not been thought possible.  As the impact of residential schools often informs and prejudices individual acceptance of reconciliation, Mandi’s work and capacities in these areas are highly beneficial to moving towards all forms of reconciliation of self, family, community and beyond.

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