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Paula Schwartz

Director of Service Delivery
Paula Schwartz Headshot

Taanishi (Hello)

Paula is Metis and her family ties are from Onion Lake Cree Nation Saskatchewan. Mooshum awaa Maurice Bolduc shinikashshow. ( grandfather was). She was born and raised in Northwest British Columbia and is a member of the Metis Nation of British Columbia. She has family ties to Gitxsan, Haida and Tsimshian people and is forever grateful for their guidance, love and teachings.

She has spent 30+ years working in and for First Nation communities in British Columbia. She is always thankful for the unique cultural teachings each community has shared so welcomingly. Paula has a wide range of skills and experience consisting of teaching at colleges, counselling, health and social programming, employment counselling/ training and administration. She is well versed in program management, curriculum development, creating programs and policies and creating high performance teams. She has developed, managed and evaluated numerous health, social and employment programs and worked closely within Government sectors. Indigenous culture, self determination and individual personal growth has been her guiding principle in her work.

Paula holds a Masters of Arts in Leadership and Training and Adult Education and Career Counselling professional courses and programs. Her educational journey was challenging, while completing her education she was a single parent raising two young children, working full time and going to school full time for numerous years. She understands the hardships, sacrifices and the joys of creating a better a life for yourself, your family and community.

She believes Indigenous community led, recognizing inherent strength, culture and teachings as indigenous people is a fundamental principle in growth, happiness and prosperity for self and communities. Her work always encompasses the gifts from generations before and the responsibility to ensure our children are left with a better world.

She enjoys gardening and being on the land, and you will often find her and her husband harvesting and preserving food: picking berries, smoking and canning food as her Kokum (grandmother) and nimâmâ (mother) taught her.

Maarsii (Thank you)

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